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US 89T (N20) Paving and US 89 Landslide Update
US 89T (N20) Paving and US 89 Landslide Update
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US 89T (N20) Paving and US 89 Landslide Update

These email updates are intended to provide a brief summary of activities related to the paving of US 89T (N20) and geotechnical investigation of the landslide on US 89, as well as what can be expected in the upcoming week.  Email updates are intended for project stakeholders. Public updates are made regularly to the US 89 website.

US 89T (N20) Paving Progress

  • N20 is closed to maintain a safe work zone for crews and to expedite the construction progress which will keep the project on schedule.
  • Construction activities for next week include:
    • Continuation of paving at the northern end.
    • Nearing completion of installation of right-of-way fence posts.
    • Nearing completion of placement of aggregate base, which serves as the base for the asphalt.
    • Installation of signage, right-of-way fence wiring, gates, cattle guards, and school bus pullouts.
    • Removal of temporary waterline and temporary water ponds installed for the paving process and dust control.
    • Placement of native seeds in areas disturbed by construction at the north end.
    • Although paving is nearing completion; work to complete N20 will continue.  This work will mainly take place on the newly paved roadway in the upcoming weeks and will include activities such as lane striping, application of fog coat, installation of rumble strips, and installation of permanent signage.
    • Paving operations will take place seven days a week.  It is anticipated that paving will be compete in mid-August.

US 89 Landslide Area and Recommended Repair

  • After an exhaustive geotechnical investigation, the final report has been submitted and is available for review on
  • The report concluded that the recent landslide was a reactivation of a small portion of an ancient landslide, but little to no movement has occurred since testing began in March.
  • The report listed several alternatives for the ultimate repair, but construction of a landslide buttress and upslope lane adjustment was considered the most geotechnically feasible preferred alternative.
  • The preferred alternative would shift the roadway 60 feet to the east and into the existing mountainside where the roadway would sit on a more stable base. Rock would be removed from the cut and put it at the base of the hill to form a rock buttress to lock in the recent slide.
  • It is anticipated that the environmental process, right-of-way acquisitions, and design could take between 12 and 18 months to complete.  Construction would then take another 12 months.
  • At a later date, ADOT will formally request additional federal aid to fund the repair of US 89 through the Federal Highway Administration’s Emergency Relief program, which reimburses state and local jurisdictions for the repair and reconstruction of damaged roadways in natural disasters.

Public Information Update

  • ADOT has established office hours in Page City Hall to address questions from community members.  The office is scheduled to be staffed between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. (Arizona time - MST) on Wednesday, August 7 and Thursday, August 8.
  • ADOT launched a website ( dedicated to keeping the public informed with the latest news, alternate routes, and up-to-date videos and photos of the roadway damage on US 89.
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