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Adventurous Antelope Canyon Photo Tours' is located
on the outskirts of Page, AZ on Highway 98 at mile
post 302. "302" is where you will arrive 30 mins prior
to start time of Tour. The vehicle you arrive in will

be park at the location for duration of tour time, a
company vehicle will be your transportation during
that time.

For reservation call the Chamber at (928) 645-2741

or email

PLease note that we operate on Mountain Standard Time
(MSTj through the who
Le year. Page, AZ Time.



Our trips to the Upper Antelope Canyon last 1 hour and 30/40 minutes. You will travel in our 4-wheel drive tour truck to the mouth of the Canyon. From there you will come off the tour truck and walk into the canyon with the driver who doubles as your tour guide. We enter the canyon at ground-level, walking within the canyon walls looking upwards of 100-130 feet to the top. There is no hiking or climbing involved, only an easy walk on a sandy Canyon floor which is level for the most part. You will have up to 50/60 minutes on your tour to take snap shots of the canyon, hear some history and also time for you to enjoy the beauty. Then you will return to our office in Page, AZ in the same tour truck, same driver.

To book your trip call The Chamber Page Lake Powell at 928-645-274

or email





TOUR 1: Come with us to a magical place. Let us provide
you with an informative, comfortable and unforgettable visit.
We'll pick you up at your hotel and take you on a IS-minute
drive over paved and unpaved roads to the canyon entrance.
Along the way, your guide will tell you about some of the local
history, geology and Navajo Culture. We are the company that
provides each guest with an intimate experience keeping our
groups small enough to personalize your delightful journey.

The famous light beams occur through the months of April to
September. At other times the hues are rich and deep and the
sandstone walls glow with a peculiar incandescence. Antelope
Canyon always presents a cavalcade of subtle color changes; a
palette of purples, oranges, yellows, golds and blue. A creation
to explore and a photographic experience.

Mornings, late afternoon and off-season visits can bring a
special treat; Utter Peace. If by chance you are alone with us
in the canyon, you will experience a serene mother earth. It's
profoundly a moving visual and spiritual experience. Enter
this marvelous cathedral at once, with our personable native
guides, at any time, in any season, and you will cherish the
experience forever.

TOUR 2: Cathedral Canyon - This canyon is located 1
mile from ChiefTsosie's house and is more adventurous and
provides a personal touch to explore mother nature and the
beautiful tapestry sandstone walls of the Navajo land.

TOUR 3: Chief's Star Gazing Adventure - In the Navajo
Nation night sky. You will see and hear the desert become
lively and hear the Native American folklore stories of the

For Reservations Call the Chamber: (928) 645-2741

or email



Secret Canyon - Experience amazing visual and photographic sites while spending up

to 1 1/2 hours inside of the areaslongest touredSlot Canyon, Secret Canyon.

Transported by one of our amazing Off Road Machinesand led by one of our

friendly and knowledgeable Canyon Guides. you are guaranteed to have a

great time on this 3 hour long adventure! With NO CROWDS.

Call the Chamber at 928-645-2741

or email

to make reservations.

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